served until 14:30


Designer Breakfast

Full English… Vegetarian… Vegan… Gluten Free? Make your selections and relax while we cook them fresh to order. Choose a 4 item breakfast for £4.20, a 6 item breakfast for £8.60, or an 8 item breakfast for £10.40.

Options include: Bacon (gf), Sausage, Vegetarian Sausage (v), Mushrooms (ve, gf), Fried Egg (v, gf), Scrambled Egg (v, gf), Beans (ve, gf), Toast (v), Potato Cake (ve)

Breakfast Sandwiches

Choose a combination of delicious ingredients served on doorsteps of white or granary bread. Freshly made to order and served with your choice of ketchup or brown sauce.

Bacon £4.60
Sausage £4.60
Fried Egg £4.00
Bacon & Egg £5.40
Sausage & Egg £5.40
Sausage & Bacon £5.40
Vegetarian Sausage (v) £4.60
Vegetarian Sausage & Egg (v) £5.40
The Big Breakfast (Bacon, Sausage & Egg) £5.90

Brunch Favourites

Pancakes (v) £6.80
Stack of 4 fluffy, Scotch-style pancakes. Freshly made and served with maple syrup, yogurt, and fresh fruit

French Toast & Bacon Stack £6.80
A heap of French toast layered with bacon, dusted with icing sugar, drenched with maple syrup and scattered with blueberries

Scrambled Eggs on Toast £5.20
A doorstep slice of toast with two eggs, scrambled

Smoked Salmon & Scrambled Egg £8.20
A doorstep slice of toast with two scrambled eggs and smoked salmon

Beans on Toast (ve) £4.50
A slice of toast topped with Heinz baked beans

Mushrooms on Toast (ve) £5.20
A doorstep slice of toast with sautéed mushrooms

Cheese on Toast (v) £4.50
A doorstep slice of toast topped with mature cheddar and grilled until bubbling


served until 14:30



Nestled in a toasted brioche bun with lettuce and tomato. Served with premium crisps.

100% Beef Burger £6.60
Vegan Burger (ve) £6.00

Add cheese 50p, Add onions 50p, Add bacon £1.50

Doorstep Sandwiches

A big eat! Made with white or granary bread and served with crisps. Available with gluten free bread or vegan margarine.

BLT £6.60
Bacon, lettuce & tomato with mayonnaise

Chicken & Bacon £7.20
With lettuce, tomato & mayonnaise

Brie and Cranberry (v) £6.60

Salmon and Cream Cheese £7.20

Brie, Cranberry and Chicken £7.20

Brie, Cranberry & Bacon £7.20

Cheese and Salad (v) £5.90
Mature cheddar, lettuce & tomato

Ham £6.60
With lettuce, tomato & mayonnaise

Cheese and Pickle (v) £5.90
Mature cheddar, lettuce, tomato & pickle


Little Sandwiches

Soft white or granary bread. A small sandwich is made from one slice of bread cut in half, a medium sandwich is made from two slices of bread.

Sausage £2.80

Veggie Sausage (v) £2.80

Bacon £2.80

Fish Finger £2.80

Cheese (v)
£2.50 (small) £3.00 (medium)

£2.80 (small) £3.10 (medium)

Marmite (ve)
£2.50 (small) £3.00 (medium)

Jam (ve)
£2.50 (small) £3.00 (medium)

Bigger Little Bites

Kids Pancakes (v) £4.00
Served with yoghurt, fruit and either maple syrup, golden syrup or honey

Kids Beans and Toast £3.00
A bowl of baked beans with a slice of fresh white or granary toast and butter (v) or margarine (ve)

Kids Scrambled Egg with Toast (v) £3.40
Scrambled egg with a slice of fresh white or granary toast and butter

Kids Cheese on Toast (v) £3.00
White or granary toast with melted cheddar cheese (if you are feeling adventurous add marmite)